Writing Credits

Writing Credits

Articles, adult:

THE CHILDREN’S PAGES MONTHLY, “My Child Wants a Pet—What Do I Do Now?”

CHILDREN’S WRITER, “A Weekend of Murder: Joan Lowery Nixon on Writing Mysteries” (September 1992); “Theme: What It Is and How to Use It to Sell Your Fiction” (July 1994); “Inspirational Fiction Critique: Hope Springs Eternal” (November 1998)

THE COVENANT COMPANION, “Confessions of a Middle-Class Materialist” (reprint rights, November 1997)

THE FINAL DRAFT, “Romancing the Reader” (June 1989)

HERALD OF HOLINESS, “Confessions of a Middle-Class Materialist” (reprint rights)

HOUSEWIFE-WRITER’S FORUM, “Requiem for Two Goldfish” (May/June 1993)

THE LUTHERAN, “Confessions of a Middle-Class Materialist” (September 1996)

NEWSLETTER OF PARENTING, “Halloween Magic at Your Own Front Door” (October 1986)

STANDARD, “Confessions of a Cheerless Giver” (May 23, 2004)

SUNDAY-MONDAY WOMAN, “Truth: A Lost Value?” (contributor) and “50 Ways to Feed Your Soul” (pilot issue, 2000; premiere issue, Sept./Oct. 2000)

TEXAS (supplement to Houston Chronicle), “Risk is part of the ride,” Sunday, March 11, 2001

TODAY’S CHRISTIAN WOMAN, “Reality Check” (January/February 1999); “Honor My Mother?” (May/June 2007)

THE WRITER, “When Truth Isn’t Stranger Than Fiction” (February 1989)


Short stories, adult:

LIGUORIAN, “The Last Family Vacation” (August 1994)

STANDARD, “Cultivating Cold Stones” (September 1996)

WRITERS’ OPEN FORUM, “One Flamingo to Go, Please” (July/August 1993)



CHRIST IN OUR HOME, devotions, May 29-June 4, 2000; June 16-30, 2003; April 1-17, 2004; January 1-15, 2006; April 1-15, 2008; May 17-31, 2010; September 16-30, 2014.

THE QUIET HOUR, devotions, May 14-20, 2007


Anthology Contributions:

THE HEALING TOUCH OF HORSES, “My Special Olympians” (Adams Media, 2007)

TEENS: LIVING THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE . . . GOD’S WAY, “The Runaway” (Whitestone Books, 2003)


Articles, juvenile:

BRIO, “The Myth of Mr. Right” (February 1993)

JUNIOR TRAILS, “Elephant Talk” (July 5, 1987)

R-A-D-A-R, “Elephant Talk” (reprint rights, September 17, 1989)


Short stories, juvenile:

ALIVE! FOR YOUNG TEENS, “My Time, Your Time” (March 1986); “What’s the Difference” (September 1986); “Tommy’s Birthday” (April 1987); “Micki’s Good News” (September 1987); “The Girl With the Clarinet” (October 1987)

HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN, “Secret at Finley House” (January 1990)

QUEST, “Total Strangers” (Fall 1988, reprint rights, Fall 1991)

R-A-D-A-R, “Forgiveness is Free” (August 28, 1988; reprint rights for excerpts, R-A-D-A-R “Middler Activities,” April 23, 1989; full reprint rights, August 23, 1992); “A Mission for Maddie”

TEEN POWER, “Hero Worship”

VENTURE, “The Ratings Game” (November 1988)



Other, juvenile:

TEENS LIVING THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE . . . GOD’S WAY, “The Runaway,” Whitestone Books 2003

THE HOME ALTAR, daily devotions: May 5-11, 1996; August 31-September 13, 1997.