Where the Dogwoods Bloom

Where the Dogwoods Bloom

Where the Dogwoods Bloom
Jilly Gardner left home ten years ago with a broken heart, determined never to return. But the ache in her heart has never healed, and when Cam Lane calls to ask for her help…she finds she can’t say no. Cam doesn’t know what came between Jilly and her foster family, but he feels it’s time she set things straight. But how can Cam address the unforgiveness in his friends’ lives when his own is paralyzed with self-inflicted guilt and shame? Will Cam and Jilly ever realize that unconditional, forgiving love comes only from God the Father, whose mercies are new each morning?
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About the Book

Everyone thought Jilly Gardner was destined to be the next Steffi Graf, but the ambition and drive that earned her a coveted tennis scholarship slowly faded after she lost the one thing in life she wanted most—a real family. It will take the love of her former foster parents and the devotion of the man who holds her heart before she’s finally whole.

When Cameron Lane’s childhood friend comes back into his life, he doubts she’s changed from the spoiled “tennis brat” he remembers. But as he gets to know the grown-up Jilly, he finds himself falling for her. Haunted by the death of his younger brother, however, Cameron must first conquer his fears of failing another person he loves before he can shed the past and find lasting happiness with the woman he loves.

What readers are saying . . .

I’ve never read any books written by Myra Johnson, but I found out she is such a fantastic author. I know you will be pleased to read this book. I recommend this book, because it is a delightful read.Trinity Rose, Goodreads review

“Johnson’s writing is engaging, and the settings and situations she puts together are quite unique. . . . This story is a great, quick read that’s just right for a summer day.”Amber, Goodreads review

“It‘s such a good feeling to pick up a book by an author you trust and love because you just KNOW you’re in for a great time. That’s how I feel whenever I pick up a novel by Myra Johnson, whose latest offering Where the Dogwood Blooms is yet another compelling read in a growing list of exceptional fiction by this award-winning author.”Julie Lessman, Amazon review

“The road to romance was believable and not at all rushed for a book of this length. I like Ms. Johnson’s writing style, interjected with spots of dry humor. Filled with romance, a little intrigue, and an oh-so-sweet ending, you won’t want to miss this one!”excerpted from ChristianBook.com review of Gateway Weddings

Series: Gateway Weddings
Publisher: Barbour Books
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 1602609101
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