One Imperfect Christmas

One Imperfect Christmas

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Graphic designer Natalie Pearce faces the most difficult Christmas of her life. For almost a year, her mother has lain in a nursing home, the victim of a massive stroke, and Natalie blames herself for not being there when it happened. Worse, she’s allowed the monstrous load of guilt to drive a wedge between her and everyone she loves—most of all her husband, Daniel. Her marriage is on the verge of dissolving, her prayer life is suffering, and she’s one Christmas away from hitting rock bottom.

Junior-high basketball coach Daniel Pearce is at his wit’s end. Nothing he’s done has been able to break through the wall Natalie has erected between them. And their daughter Lissa’s adolescent rebellion isn’t helping matters. As Daniel’s hope reaches its lowest ebb, he wonders if this Christmas will spell the end of his marriage and the loss of everything he holds dear.

More about Stroke
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FACE: Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?
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TIME: If the person shows any of these symptoms, time is important. Call 911 or get to the hospital fast. Brain cells are dying.

What readers are saying . . .

“If you’re looking for the happy-go-lucky Christmas book, this isn’t for you…however if you’re looking for a wonderful look at how we deal with life and how we often screw everything up, this us for you. One of the hardest things for us to deal with is our regrets, and its hard to see good in what we feel is all bad. This book takes you through it all and will leave you crying in the end! Perhaps I haven’t put it down great so I will just say … I loved it.”— review

“A fine read, whether over the Christmas season or anytime at all. A portrait of humanity.”— review

“I was expecting One Imperfect Christmas to be just like most other Holiday offerings… was I mistaken. The story reads a lot like life… the stress of deadlines, angry kids, failing marriages, sudden sickness — and yet with an underlying hope and Promise.”— review

“This lovely story of how imperfect life often results in wonderful opportunities is a blessing to all who read it. Just wonderful, warm and sensitive, a gentle read.” —Ruth Logan Herne, Goodreads review

“Wow! What a great story. And it’s not just a story about Christmas like I assumed. It’s a story about a family struggling with illness, guilt, denial, selfishness…and ultimately forgiveness, letting go, honesty and the power of love. . . . You won’t want to miss reading this book any time during the year!” —Missy Tippens, Goodreads review

“Myra Johnson’s One Imperfect Christmas rings with truth—not every Christmas is a picture-perfect celebration. Sometimes life deals a blow that brings even strong Christians to their knees.” —Janet Dean, Goodreads review

“One Imperfect Christmas is a book that will grab your heart and not let go. . . . I loved the story. This book deals with our aging parents and their issues, job security and career progression and dealing with teenagers in the family. It’s a very well written character driven book. I loved all the characters and the writing style made me feel like I was with them every step of the way crying at their falls and cheering on their triumphs.” —Jan Crow, Goodreads review

Myra Johnson’s debut book is nothing but fantastic!!. . . One small warning…have a box of kleenex handy when reading this book! I just loved this story…and it’s what I needed to hear right now. There are many different situations weaved in this book but they all tie in and are central to the power this story carries. . . . I would highly recommend this book! It was a great read during the holidays! This is the first book I read during the holiday season involving a holiday theme.” —Julie, Goodreads review

“This is Myra’s firt book, but she came out with a bang. If you want to read a book with a little of everything then this is it. . . . I am sure the next book Myra writes will be just as good. I read it in two nights, I just had to see what was on the next page.”Edna Tollison, Goodreads reivew

Genre: Single Titles
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Year: 2009
ISBN: 1426700709
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