A Horseman’s Heart

A Horseman’s Heart

A Horseman’s Heart

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Horsemen of Cross Roads Farm, Book 1

North Carolina’s a long, long way from Texas, but horse trainer Kip Lorimer needs to get out of town fast, because the woman who long ago destroyed his last remnants of trust has just caught up with him—again.

Special-ed teacher Sheridan Cross has trust issues of her own, so when Kip shows up with a horse to donate to the family’s equine therapy program, she can’t help but be suspicious. A cowboy a thousand miles from home and living out of a horse trailer? What’s wrong with this picture?

When Sheridan’s mother offers Kip a job as barn manager, Sheridan decides she’d better stick close enough to keep an eye on things, never expecting she’ll soon have eyes only for the handsome cowboy. Can they trust their hearts and find true love, or will their troubled pasts come crashing down on their dreams?

What readers are saying . . .

“A Horseman’s Heart has an absolutely amazing cast of characters. I’ve never seen anything like it in my reading of over 1,500 romances. I was rooting for everybody. I think there are more ‘feel good moments’ per page in this book than are found in most romances.” —Amazon review

“A BOOK WITH HEART THAT WILL STEAL YOURS…Myra Johnson is one of those rare authors whose books I always look forward to with great anticipation because frankly, when it comes to great romance, the woman is a sure thing. Although I am primarily a historical reader, for the space of one breathless book, I am a contemporary reader, falling in love as quickly as gun-shy Sheridan Cross falls for cowboy horse trainer Kip Lorimer despite guarded suspicions each harbor from a painful past. If you are looking for a great romance that will warm your heart, race your pulse and inspire your soul, look no further than A Horseman’s Heart, truly another wonderful read from the pen of Myra Johnson.”ChristianBook.com review

“An uplifting story. . . . I loved the characters and the way the author used vocabulary and figures of speech to paint colorful pictures of both the characters and the setting.”—a reader

“A Horseman’s Heart is the best book I have read in quite some time! . . . I have read many romance novels where the man and woman meet, have problems to solve and then are able to have their happy ever after. Myra Johnson’s stories don’t seem to follow the typical ebb and flow we have come to expect from romance novels. Her stories seem richer and more developed. Always a pleasant surprise!”Amazon.com review

“Interesting and Brilliant story. Very well written with great characters. I’d highly recommend this book if you like a good love story!”ChristianBook.com review


Series: Horsemen of Cross Roads Farm, Book 1
Publisher: Heartsong Presents
Publication Year: 2011
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