Me and My Project Guy

Me and My Project Guy

I’m married to a Project Guy. That’s usually a good thing, because he keeps himself busy with odd jobs in and around the house, and all that busy-ness keeps him from pestering me too much when I’m trying to write.

But sometimes it’s a not-so-good thing when he cajoles me into being his “project assistant.” Last winter, for example, he decided it was time to paint a few rooms. Well, he’s great with paint tray and roller but not so great with the finer details, like cutting in around windows, doors, and ceilings. So guess who gets that tedious job!

So, over the course of a few months (with breaks in between), we painted two guest rooms, the entrance hall, the living room, the dining room, and most recently the laundry room. I’m glad it’s done, but those painting days took big chunks out of my writing time.

This week, Project Guy took on the annual chore of washing down the screen porch and furnishings, which by this time of year are coated with “yellow stuff”—pollen from pines and other trees that sifts through the screen and clings to everything!

I got off fairly easy with this project, though. The most Project Guy asked of me was to help him haul the patio table and porch rug out to the deck. Again, another chore I’ll be glad is done.

And another reason I’m thankful to be married to a Project Guy!

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